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EFT Training in Wirral

To book an appointment phone 07595 020 660 or email


My name is George Brooks. Welcome to my AAMET accredited EFT training page.


I have worked as a teacher, counsellor and trainer for most of my thirty nine years in work. For the last twelve years I have been training counsellors at Masters level and psychologists at doctorate level at Manchester University.


I also provide counselling for schools in Wirral. EFT is a central part of the work we do with students and staff. I also have a private practice where I use EFT. More recently I have been applying all of this experience to creating AAMET accredited EFT training programmes at level 1, 2 and 3.


My aim is to provide exciting, powerful training courses that encourage energy therapists, counsellors, psychologists and anyone interested, to incorporate this remarkable tool into their lives and practice.


Training days timings


Saturday (Level 1), Saturday & Sunday (Level 2 & 3)

9.30am and finish at 4.00pm


A Venue by the beach overlooking the Irish sea


Hoylake Community Centre, Hoyle Road, Hoylake, Wirral CH47 3AG

(Free parking in private secure car park)


This is the entry level training that provides the foundational knowledge and experience required to start your EFT Training and it is certificated by AAMET International one of the largest and longest established certificating bodies in the world.


Training Content


You will learn:


  • How to use and achieve instant and powerful results with EFT on yourself on friends and family

  • How EFT works (the science behind EFT)

  • How to tune in to the problem

  • How to tune into others

  • Movie Technique and Tell the story technique

  • Dealing with cravings

  • Introduction to dealing with pain and physical problems

  • Dealing with intense emotional reactions

  • What to do if EFT isn’t  working


This course follows on from the EFT Level 1 training, building on peoples knowledge and experience of all the basic approaches taught in EFT. It provides students with plenty of opportunity to practice and see live demonstrations.


To train to practitioner level in EFT requires attendance at both level’s 1 and 2.


This course is also certificated by AAMET International.


You will learn:


  • Tearless Trauma Technique

  • Dealing with physical problems in more depth

  • Chase the Pain technique

  • Sneaking up on the problem

  • How to find the core issues

  • Working using online Video software

  • Working with groups

  • Borrowing benefits

  • Dealing with blocks

EFT Level 1 (1 day training):   £95

EFT Level 2 (2 days training):   £160

AAMET Certification


These courses conform to the standard set by AAMET International. They are set to their syllabus. At the end of attendance at Level 1 and 2 attendees are issued attendance. certificates.


To gain a practitioner status students need to complete the requirements set by the AAMET. These currently are


To supply 4 case sudies at a level 2 standard (use techniques taught at this level and show understanding and the ability to apply these techniques correctly and safely).


To complete a multiple choice questionnaire.


To provide an audio of a session with someone using EFT.


50 hours of EFT work


Support is available if needed to complete these levels. Students can re-submit case histories and multiple choice questionnaire if needed as well as seek support.


Training with George is a wonderful experience. George explained the basic EFT processes with clarity and precision and managed to tailor the training to include people's input and queries as they arose. Furthermore delicate and emotional subjects were dealt with in a very safe and secure way so that one left feeling energised and enthused, and determined to return for further training.


The booklet we received meant we had a useful record of the day's information without the need for constantly writing. Roll on Level Two!!


                                                Biddy Energy therapist


It was a fantastic day. I saw EFT work throughout the day with great effect.


George has such energy and vitality, and as a trainer he offered the right degree of safety, focus, and enthusiasm that made the day so rewarding. I would recommend everyone to take this course. I believe with an open mind you can achieve anything.


Thanks again for the day George, I will be seeing you for the next instalment sir.


                                                Mark Integrative counsellor

WOW! What a fantastic experience! The day was really well planned and organised and I felt very well looked after. George demonstrated the techniques really clearly and got me involved from the ‘get go’.

The main thing I took from the session was the word FREEDOM! Literally, the few hours I spent with George learning about and using EFT was absolutely life changing. The warmth, support, knowledge and skills of George enhanced the whole experience.Lovely surroundings too!

I would certainly recommend EFT training with George to anyone and everyone!    

Sally-Ann counsellor

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I thoroughly enjoyed the training day.  I now feel confident in using EFT as described on the day, and feel like I know the steps so I can do it any time.  


The content of the training and presentation were excellent, and combination of activities and listening was perfect, which is why I remember it all so well.  


                                              Genevieve Educational Psychologist

If you would like to book a place on my next level 1, 2 or 3 EFT training days or need more information please contact me by phone on 07595 020 660 or by email at


AAMET Accredited EFT Trainer

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