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I am an Integrative counsellor & psychotherapist trained originally from a psychodynamic and relational focus. I have had some training in person centred and cognitive behavioural work and teach all three approaches as part of an Integrative counsellor traiining on the M.A. Counselling programme at Manchester University.


I am also a qualified Emotional Freedom Techniques International Master trainer & Advanced practioner and have integrated this into my work as a psychotherpaist.


I have worked as a therapist and supervisor in a wide range of settings, for over fifteen years, including schools, private practice, EAPs, Medical Agencies, charities and business.


This particular training and experience has led me to offer three distinct types of supervision to clinicians and non clinicians.

Clinical Supervision

As a BACP accredited counsellor and supervisor working from an Integrative approach I can offer clinical supervision using different counselling/psychotherapeutic approaches; to counsellors who are in training, have recently qualified or who are experienced clinicians, working in a variety of settings.


I have have worked with clients of all ages and backgrounds including asylum seekers and people with disabilities but I have a particular experience of working with teenagers in schools.

Supervision can take place at offices in Wirral or Manchester or in your own home if you prefer. I charge £60 for one and a half hours supervision each month and £45 for additional hours. There will be an additional cost of £4 for home visits.


If you think you might be interested in working with me as a supervisor please contact me at the email address or telephone numbers provided to make an appointment or to discuss things further. 


EFT Counselling Supervision

One of the biggest challenges to me as a counsellor and psychotherapist learning Emotional Freedom Techniques was attempting to integrate it into my practice in a way that utilised and valued all my skills and experience as a counsellor/psychotherapist in a way that enhances and strengthens further this remarkable approach.


This has been a difficult journey that many from the field of counselling and psychotherapy who have found it too challenging to their way of working and so have not been able to integrate it into practice.


I believe that supervision from someone who understands the challenges that incorporating EFT into counselling/psychotherapy because they are on that journey of discovery themselves is both crucial and missing at present.


Non Managerial Supervision for schools

I found that I went to my clinical supervisor for supervision but could not really discuss the EFT parts of my practice and likewise went to EFT supervision but could not discuss my counselling/psychotherpay practice and what I needed was someone who could discuss the integration of both.


For this reason I now offer EFT Counselling supervision to all those practitioners who find themselves in the same dilemma. I would very much like to develop a forum for clinicians who have similar concerns and difficulties.


If you would like to become part of this forum please leave your contact details and I will get back to you.


Charges are the same as for clinical supervision, however I can offer to provide EFT Counselling supervision via skype if distance is a problem.

"George is a skilled supervisor. He has high level of interpersonal skills which he uses to great effect in the work he does with staff. George supports staff by providing effective supervision, not only to support staff themselves, but also to support the staff as they, in turn, support students through difficult times."

Sally Beavers Head teacher

Skype supervision

To book an appointment phone 07595 020 660 or email


I have been providing non-managerial supervision for head teachers, assistant heads, pastoral heads, SENCOs, and other teaching and mentoring staff in schools for many years. I draw on my experience as a teacher with over thirty years experience working in schools combined with my experience as a therapist and clinical supervisor to provide staff a unique and important service.


If you would like to learn more about this supervision please click here

For those of you who wish to have supervision from the comfort and convenience of your own home, or are too far away to have face to face supervision I now offer skype supervision.


If this option is of interest to you please click here for more information about setting up skype.

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