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School Counselling Services

1.We are interested in results. Our counselling services work. They make a difference to schools. (See testimonials)


2.We satisfy OFSTED by using validated research instruments to measure the effectiveness of our service for students so we have proof.


3.We have a proven track record. Feedback from our schools shows that we impact significantly on school behaviour, attendance, achievement and exclusion rates as well as improving the mental health of students and teachers.


4.We design a counselling service that suits your specific needs.


5.We are uniquely trained to use the latest psychological techniques that allow us to deliver unprecedented success across a wide range of problems with a focus on helping students to help themselves.


6.Specialist areas include Anger & Conduct problems, Self-harm, Trauma, Anxiety Performance issues, Attendance, Depression, Family issues, relationship problems, sexuality issues


7.We have over twenty years experience in schools working as counsellors


8.We provide male and female counsellors who are CRB checked for work in schools


9.Our counsellors are also experienced ex-teachers who understand the needs of schools as well as clients


10.We have considerable experience liaising with outside agencies such as CAHMS, Social services, and managing child protection issues.

Ten reasons to choose us

for your school

Thirty years of excellence in schools

Setting up your

Counselling Service

I will design your counselling service based on your needs as a school, including service level agreement, referral system, recordings, confidentiality policy, liaison with key staff and agencies, reports, staff training etc, all with the aim of providing the best counselling service possible with the minimum of disruption to normal every day working practices.

We are all interested in what works and gets the best results as quickly as possible.


To do this we create a safe space where students and staff are encouraged to find solutions to their problems.


We view the child in the context of their school and are careful to manage this


We combine skills and techniques from the three major counselling approaches and create each therapy based on what will work best with each individual client.


Our aim is to teach clients ideas and techniques that are designed to “Help them to help themselves”

How we work as counsellors

We will negotiate a clear confidentiality policy that takes account of the Children’s Act (1989), the needs of your organisation and the client, including clear guidelines for consultation with your designated Child Protection officer on all matters of child protection.

Confidentiality &

Child Protection

George is a skilled therapist and supervisor and the support and guidance he provides is superb. I have seen students make exceptional progress as George provides counselling through a particular incident in their life which has unsettled them. I would recommend him without hesitation.


Sally Beevers Head Teacher Broadgreen International School


George Brooks has had a significant impact on the emotional health and well being of our school. When all else fails George can usually offer an alternative solution. George understands how schools work and applies a pragmatic approach within budget and time restrictions. He has become an invaluable and integral part of our approach to pastoral care at Hilbre.


Jan Levinson Head teacher Hilbre Humanities College


Mr Brooks has a clear strategy for educational leaders to incorporate the management of counselling within the school structure to ensure it has a focus on raising attainment and does not stand alone as a reactive tool for school ‘fire fighting’.


Mr Wilson, Deputy Head teacher Shorefields Technology College Liverpool


George has been working with our students and staff to great effect. We have found him to be flexible and responsive to our needs and I have received really positive feedback from those with whom he has worked


Chris Mann Birkenhead High School Academy


The services Mr Brooks offers have been successful in maintaining school placements and ensuring home life remains stable.


Ms. Portman Education Officer – Liverpool

School Profile

I have worked in schools for over thirty years as a teacher, youth work manager, Adult centre manager, staff development trainer, and developing school counselling services, working as a behavioural consultant and staff supervisor.


This has given me a unique insight and has helped me to develop a set of skills that brings major benefits to schools. Alongside this experience Ihave trained in, and integrated a set of cutting edge psychologicaltechniques that have led to unprecedented successes in my work as both a therapist and trainer.

These workshops are designed to help students who are not coping with school and struggling to form relationships with peers.


Students will be taught how to build confidence using established and new techniques and strategies.

From Schools

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Other school services

Anger management


There is significant evidence to show that a growing number of students are failing school, being excluded or causing enormous disruption to others because of anger problems.


We have developed individual and group workshops that teach a unique set of self help techniques that can help pupils to release this destructive anger quickly and permanently.

Students who know how to prepare for exams; know all the study skills and organisational tools and techniques, but still can't do the work in a way that doesn't cause them to be highly stressed and unable to attain the grades they should then they need the Exam Stress Buster Workshop.


It is well known that if you are too stressed or highly anxious your ability to think clearly, use your memory effectively, study or do well in exams will be severely affected.

Exam Performance


Self Esteem


Staff Training

I offer a range of training and workshops for staff including


•Behaviour management

•Self Harm

•Managing difficult emotions

•Counselling skills for schools


The feedback from George’s sessions is the most positive I have heard from any INSET programme.

            Mr Rowlands, Training Manager

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Levels of stress and emotional fatigue are nowhere greater than amongst teaching staff and especially managers in schools.


Staff are required to work with students and their families in highly charged situations daily that can affect them psychologically and often cause staff to manage other aspects of their work less effectively.


Non-managerial Supervision for staff in schools provides the kind of developmental support and guidance needed.


Does it work?


Feed back from staff says this service is both necessary and useful, and it improves mental health and performance & absence.


Why not just talk to a manager or colleague?


Reports from staff say it is difficult to talk to managers and colleagues about these difficulties as this can leave them feeling vulnerable or weak which means these issues can be ignored until they become serious for everyone concerned.


What does Staff Supervision offer staff?


Emotional support


A safe place to reflect and develop new thinking

Non Managerial


Individual counselling sessions


1.Visit to the school to see only one client will be charged at £45 per session

2.Visit to the school to see two clients will be charged at £40 per session

3.Any extra work with staff or parents is charged at £50 per session


School counselling clinics


4.School counselling services of three or more clients per week will be charged at £35 per session


Group work sessions


5.All group work is charged at £75 per session.


Staff Training


6.Staff training is charged at £75 hour

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If you are interested in any of the services on offer please contact me either by email at or by phone at 07595 020 660 to arrange an appointment or to ask any questions.

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